29 Stackable Wedding Bands to Complete Your Set

Breathe new life into your engagement ring.

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stackable wedding bands

Kendra Scott

Traditionally, wedding ring sets include the engagement ring you got during a proposal, and the wedding band exchanged on your big day. Today, adding several stackable wedding bands is a fun way to add personality to your set, and to update your engagement ring if it starts feeling like you want something new.

Stackable wedding bands are thin bands that easily stack on top of each other to create an eye-catching design. Sometimes they interlock and sometimes they don't, depending on the look you're going for. The options for stackable bands are endless: you can alternate between luxe bands sparkling with diamonds and more plain ones, or you can go for maximum impact with colored gemstones and interesting detailing.

Mixing and matching stackable bands is part of the fun of buying them, so you should feel free to get creative and versatile. Oh, and be sure to send our favorites below to your partner as a hint: these also happen to make great anniversary gifts!

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Halleh White Enamel Band

white diamond band

Courtesy of Halleh

This chic band is both classic and stylish, with a white enamel around the outside and underside that makes it stand out just enough. A row of brilliant-cut diamonds completes the look.

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Jessie Ve Hearts and Diamond Eternity Ring

hearts and diamond band

Courtesy of Jessie Ve

Add a touch of whimsy to your look with this sweet band. It features tiny puffy hearts between sparkling diamonds, and is available in yellow or rose gold.

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Meadowlark Amelie Band Plain

plain band

Courtesy of Meadowlark

A plain band is a lovely addition to any wedding ring stack as it adds some balance to more embellished pieces. This round band is slightly curved and is so simple and pretty.

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Shahla Karimi Beaded Band

beaded band

Courtesy of Shahla Karimi

This high polish beaded band is a fun addition to a stack of wedding bands. It looks just as good on its own as it does with other bands.

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Kendra Scott Becca Band Ring

kendra scott band

Courtesy of Kendra Scott

Simple bands are the most versatile, but adding one or two more embellished ones is always fun. This one features marquise diamonds faceted in a feminine design.

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Gorjana Diamond Row Morgan Ring

baguette ring

Courtesy of Gorjana

Made with solid gold and a few glittering baguette diamonds, this ring is contemporary and modern. It adds a nice touch to any stack of rings.

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Jared Diamond Contour Ring

diamond band

Courtesy of Jared

Classic and traditional, this white gold ring features a very pretty delicate milgrain detail, as well as bezel-set diamond accents on the profile. It's meant to be worn with a diamond solitaire or engagement ring because of the gentle curve.

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Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Harmony Ring

tapered rose gold band

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co

The tapered band gives this ring a unique shape that will make it look interesting against non-tapered bands. Tiny diamonds add lots of sparkle and the rose gold makes this extra romantic.

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David Yurman Stax Chain Link Ring


Courtesy of David Yurman

If you're looking for something trendier, opt for this chain link ring. Diamonds make it elegant, while a combination of different metal finishes makes it more unique.

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Ring Concierge Mini Emerald Diamond Band

platinum diamond band

Courtesy of Ring Concierge

For a more traditional bridal vibe, opt for this stunner of a band from Ring Concierge. With 28 tiny emerald-cut diamonds on a platinum band, this is sure to stand out.

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Anita Ko Baguette Diamond Wave Ring

wave design

Courtesy of Anita Ko

The wave-inspired shape of this band is so cool and unique. We love how the baguette diamonds look with rose gold, but you can choose another metal if you prefer.

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Ashley Zhang Floral Wedding Band

engraved gold ring

Courtesy of Ashley Zhang

Add texture to your ring stack with this engraved yellow gold ring. Tiny engraved flowers and other special details make this feel like a standout piece even without any gemstones.

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Jessie Ve Barely There Milgrain Ring

thin band

Courtesy of Jessie Ve

Super thin and discreet, this is a perfect subtle addition to any ring stack. The milgrain detail along the edge makes it glisten even between two other rings.

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The Clear Cut Penelope Band

diamond and gold band

Courtesy of The Clear Cut

A mix of round and marquise diamonds creates a beautiful and sophisticated design on this eternity band. It looks gorgeous on its own, but works as a stacking ring as well.

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Kendra Scott Victoria Band Ring

kendra scott gold ring

Courtesy of Kendra Scott

A tiny white diamond in the center looks elegant on this gold band. We love the bubble detail along the halo and band.

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Gorjana Diamond Bar Eternity Ring

simple diamond band

Courtesy of Gorjana

The simplicity of this thin band is exactly why we love it. Tiny diamonds wrap all the way around this one for a classic look.

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Anita Ko Diamond Honeycomb Ring

honeycomb band

Courtesy of Anita Ko

Adding one uniquely shaped ring to your stack is a great way to make the look less structured and more fun. This honeycomb ring is a perfect way to do exactly that.

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Bario Neal Arco Curved Champagne Diamond Ombre Band

curved ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

The curved shape of this simple band will fit nicely with the center stone of most engagement rings and gives almost a crown-like look. The ombré set of champagne diamonds is a beautiful touch.

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Blue Nile Dot Dash Diamond Eternity Ring

diamond wedding band

Courtesy of Blue Nile

The name "Dot Dash" for this ring makes perfect sense since it features a continuous row of princess, round, and baguette-cut diamonds. This is a unique pattern with lots of sparkle!

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Shahla Karimi Deco Detail Band

art deco band

Courtesy of Shahla Karimi

If you want a band without gemstones, this is a beautiful choice. The hexagon design that wraps around the whole band is so fun to look at.

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Jared Diamond Stackable Ring

tiny bow band

Courtesy of Jared

Go for something feminine and delicate with this Jared ring. The thin, round-cut band sparkles with small diamonds, and the teeny tiny bow is a unique touch.

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Grace Lee Petite Asscher Diamond Stacker Ring

thin band

Courtesy of Grace Lee

This ring is minimalist and elegant, with a super tiny Asscher diamond on a very thin gold band. It's smaller than you think, but would look nice against a wider band.

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Meadowlark Baguette Pavé Ring

baguette pave ring

Courtesy of Meadowlark

Another simple option, this dainty ring features a small center baguette stone with pavé diamonds along the band. It's perfect for mixing and matching.

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Kendra Scott Astrid Yellow Gold Ring

astrid band

Courtesy of Kendra Scott

We love the subtle details of this tiny ring that make it look so lovely in a stack. Little studs spaced between small diamonds makes it interesting from all angles.

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Tiffany & Co. Tiffany Classic Milgrain Wedding Band

mixed metals band

Courtesy of Tiffany & Co

We love the mixed metals of this modern and minimalist band. Rose gold milgrain details look so pretty against a platinum band for something that is anything but simple.

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Ring Concierge Criss-Cross Band

crisscross ring

Courtesy of Ring Concierge

Available in solid gold or platinum, this criss-cross ring is both interesting and simple at the same time. We love how this adds some dimension to a stack.

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Bario Neal Eternity Black Diamond Narrow Band

thin black band

Courtesy of Bario Neal

Add a little more color to your stack with this black diamond ring. It's thin and just subtle enough, and the black diamonds are very unexpected.

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Sun and Selene Diamond Arc Band

curved band

Courtesy of Sun and Selene

This classic arc band is perfect with your engagement ring, especially with a center cut diamond in something like a pear or oval shape. It features a small bezel-set diamond with soft hammer detail.

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Blue Nile Petite Twist Diamond Eternity Band

twist band

Courtesy of Blue Nile

This twist ring features two intertwined bands, one sparkling with pavé diamonds and one of solid platinum. You can also get it in platinum, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold.

What to Look for When Buying a Stackable Wedding Band

Building the perfect wedding ring stack might take you a few years, but that's part of the fun. Here's what to look for when buying or picking out bands.


You should have at least one simple band that balances out anything more elaborate and sparkly as your base. This could be a super plain metal band or something very thin and dainty.

Metals and Stones

Don't feel like you have to stick to just one metal or just one gemstone type. In fact, mixing things up makes your stack look much more appealing. Mixed metals feel trendy and modern, and throwing in different shaped stones looks cool.


You want to make sure at least one band fits perfectly with your engagement ring so that everything ends up meshing together. This might mean choosing a curved band.

  • How many stackable wedding bands can I wear?

    There really is no limit to how many stackable wedding bands you can wear—choose whatever is most comfortable for you. Most wedding ring stacks include an engagement ring, wedding band, and at least one additional band, but we say the more the merrier!

  • Can I choose colored gemstones for my wedding ring stack?

    Of course! Don't be afraid to mix it up by adding colored gemstones like sapphires or rubies, even if you have a classic diamond engagement ring.

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