30 Unique Raw, Rustic, and Rough Diamond Engagement Rings

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raw cut engagement ring

Courtesy of Bareo Neal/Design by Chloe Jeong

We’re going to say something groundbreaking: Not every bride wants a giant, super-sparkly diamond ring on her finger. If you agree, you’ve come to the right place, likely in search of an engagement ring that defies tradition and feels more unique to your personality. Raw diamond rings are a stunning option, especially if you’re completely uninterested in a blingy, cookie-cutter ring.

What Is a Raw Diamond?

A raw diamond is an uncut stone that has not been shaped or polished in any way. As these stones are in their most natural form, they are cloudy in appearance or, in other words, have inclusions.

While raw diamonds don’t twinkle in the traditional sense, many have a more subdued shimmer that catches the light at various angles of the stone's uneven surface—the ultimate effect for low-key brides craving a one-of-a-kind diamond. Recently, there has been a larger market for this style of ring, resulting in more designers using raw and natural diamonds. Jewelry designers like Bario Neal and Sofia Kaman use raw diamonds in their pieces to set them apart from more traditional rings. You'll also see a wide range of raw and rough diamond rings on Etsy.

Since raw and rough-cut diamonds are inherently unique, their one-off shapes make setting them a major task for jewelry designers. Whether you go for a sleek solitaire or vintage-style cluster, a lot of thought goes into making your ring as extraordinary as possible. Can’t argue with an incredibly well-made ring, right?

If you think a raw or rough-cut diamond is right for you, scroll through our edit of 30 different styles for every taste and budget below.

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A Second Time Rose-Cut Diamond Ring

A Second Time Rose Cut Diamond Ring


This ring features a rose-cut genuine rough diamond bezel set in sterling silver with a 14k pink gold band.

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Doron Merav Raw 14K Gold and Rough Diamond Engagement Ring

A white gold band with a yellow gold bezel set with a raw diamond

Courtesy of Doron Merav

Made from recycled metal, this raw bezel-set diamond sits on a 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold band.

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Capucinne Raw Diamond Ring

Capucinne Raw Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Capucinne

This raw diamond is a one-of-a-kind heart-shaped stone that truly radiates love. It is set on a uniquely crafted 14k white gold band.

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Bario Neal Avens Asymmetrical Raw Diamond With Champagne Ombré Ring

Bario Neal Avens Asymmetrical Raw Diamond with Champagne Ombré Ring

Courtesy of Bario Neal

This raw diamond is flanked by champagne diamonds and a white diamond. The prong-set stones are held on a 14k yellow gold band.

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Ken & Dana Design Daymis Rough Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Uncut rough diamond maccle in a double prong setting in yellow gold

Courtesy of Ken & Dana Design

If you are looking for a classic engagement ring with an alternative twist, consider this uncut rough diamond maccle in a double-prong setting in 14k yellow gold.

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Dawn Vertrees Jewelry Rose Gold Twig Bridal Set With Raw Uncut White Diamond

Handmade Twig Bridal Set with Rough Uncut Diamond in Gold

Courtesy of Dawn Vertrees Jewelry

The twig detailing on this rough diamond has a fairy tale–esque feeling to it. It is hand-sculpted in 14k or 18k gold.

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Jewelry by Johan Rough Diamond in White Gold With Meteorite Inlay

Rough Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold with Meteorite Inlay

Courtesy of Jewelry by Johan 

This 14k white gold band features a rough diamond on a unique branch design with a genuine Gibeon meteorite inlay.

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De Beers Talisman Yellow Gold Rough Diamond Ring


Courtesy of De Beers

This simple design features a brown rough diamond set in 18k yellow gold. The band has a hand-hammered texture to it.

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Yuliya Chorna Jewellery Canadian Raw Diamond Gold Solitaire

Raw diamond set in a rose gold diamond band

Courtesy of Yuliya Chorna Jewellery

Ethically sourced, this solitaire set raw diamond is held in a 14k gold diamond pavé band.

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Bario Neal Avens Raw Diamond Ring

Raw diamond solitaire in matte yellow gold setting

Courtesy of Bario Neal

This raw diamond solitaire ring from Bario Neal is an elegant twist on tradition. The stone is held in a 14k yellow gold band with a matte finish.

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Wallis Reid Large Raw Diamond Engagement Ring With 18K Gold Claws

Large Raw Diamond Engagement Ring With 18K Gold Claws on Black and Gold Band


This large uncut white diamond truly stands apart from other engagement ring stones. It is set in 18k yellow gold claws on a custom oxidized silver and 18k gold band.

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By Angeline Raw Diamond Multi-Stone Halo Engagement Ring

Raw diamond multi stone halo engagement ring

Courtesy of by Angeline 

The raw, organic conflict-free diamond adds a rustic feel to this engagement ring. The stone is in a four-prong halo setting.

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Specimental Transparent Raw Diamond on Wide Recycled Gold Band

Uncut white diamond in gold setting

Courtesy of Specimental

Wide bands are a great option for the bride who is constantly working with their hands. This transparent raw diamond is held on a wide band in 14k and 18k gold.

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Olivia Ewing Jewelry Naples Solitaire Ring Rough-Cut Diamond



Nature-lovers will swoon over this rough diamond solitaire ring. The band is molded from an actual twig, making for a truly one-of-a-kind touch.

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Malpani Jewels Gift Wrapped Rough Diamond Cocktail Ring

Brown rough diamond wrapped with white round diamonds in white gold setting

Courtesy of 1stdibs 

This modernist ring has a brown rough diamond wrapped in white diamonds, set in 18k white gold.

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Sarah Perlis Prong Rough Diamond Ring

Gold ring with rough diamond in a four prong setting

Courtesy of Sarah Perlis

This oval-shaped rough diamond is held in a four-prong setting on an 18k gold band.

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Anna Sheffield Bezel Round Rosette Ring

Anna Sheffield Bezel Round Rosette Ring

Courtesy of Anna Sheffield

You'll usually find raw diamonds in a prong setting, but this rose-cut gray diamond is held in a bezel setting with a halo of white diamonds. The band is crafted from 14k recycled yellow gold.

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Diamond in the Rough Classic Ring With Yellow Natural Rough Diamond

diamond in the rough

Courtesy of Diamond In The Rough

For a dash of color, try a yellow raw diamond. This one is set on a micro pavé diamond halo with a platinum band.

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Sylva & Cie 18K Yellow Gold Rough Diamond Ring

SYLVA & CIE 18K Yellow Gold Rough Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Mitchells 

This rough diamond is surrounded by brilliant-cut diamonds and is held on an 18k yellow gold band.

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Abby Sparks Ellen Natural Gray Diamond Mixed-Metal Engagement Ring

Abby Sparks The Ellen Natural Grey Diamond Mixed Metal Engagement Ring


Mixing metals is perfect if you have your heart set on two different metals and can't decide which to choose. This ring features a white gold pavé band with a gray diamond held on rose gold prongs.

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Kathryn Rebecca Rough Diamond Leaf and Branch Engagement Ring

Rough diamond center with pink and yellow topaz and green sapphire stones set in white and rose gold

Courtesy of Kathryn Rebecca

Multiple colored stones make up this engagement ring. The center round diamond is held between rough pink and yellow topaz and green sapphire stones. The stones are set in 14k white and rose gold.

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Langerman Diamonds Chocolate Rough Diamond Ring

Chocolate rough diamond set in rose gold

Courtesy of Langerman Diamonds

This unconventional chocolate rough diamond is set in 18k rose gold on a wide band.

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Capucinne Unique Raw Diamond Ring

Capucinne Unique Raw Diamond Ring


This natural raw diamond is set in a triangular shape with branch detailing.

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Doron Merav Braided Raw Diamond Engagement Ring

Braided Raw Diamond Engagement Ring Yellow Gold


Three raw diamonds come together on this stunning braided band.

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Sofia Kaman Stardust Ring With Hexagon Salt-and-Pepper Diamond

Sofia Kaman Stardust Ring with Hexagon Salt and Pepper Diamond

Courtesy of Sofia Kaman

This natural rose-cut salt-and-pepper diamond sits in a six-prong setting. Two inverted set baguette diamonds flank the boho-esque stone. 

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Lori McLean Raw Diamond Octagon Ring

Lori McLean Raw Diamond Octagon Ring


The trio of raw rose-cut diamonds on this engagement ring makes for a delicate and timeless look. The three stones are held in an octagon setting on a 14k yellow gold band.

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Layani Fine Jewelry Uncut Diamond Ring

Layani Fine Jewelry Uncut Diamond Ring


This uncut diamond is paired with a pearl for a romantic Toi et Moi design.

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Mandrel Studio White Rustic Diamond Ring

Mandrel Studio White Rustic Diamond Ring


 This white rustic diamond is held in a four-prong setting with partial pavé detailing on the ring's 18k matte yellow gold band. 

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The Raw Stone Raziel Ring

The Raw Stone Raziel Ring


It's impossible not to fall for this rough diamond ring with three sapphire accents in a range of blues. The cluster of stones makes for a truly beautiful design. 

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Chinchar Maloney Pear-Shaped Rustic Champagne Diamond Ring

Chinchar Maloney Pear Shaped Rustic Champagne Diamond Ring

Courtesy of Chinchar Maloney

Glittering in a champagne color, this pear-shaped rustic diamond ring is everything you could ever dream about and more. The stone is held in a six-prong setting on a 14k recycled yellow gold band.

What to Look for When Buying a Raw, Rustic, or Rough Diamond Engagement Ring


One plus to a raw-cut diamond is that its color makes each stone one of a kind. If you are looking for an alternative to a clear, colorless diamond, raw diamonds are a great choice because they have brown, yellow, or even gray elements. With a raw diamond, you really have the ability to choose a stone that best fits your personality and style


Because raw and rough-cut diamonds don't have the same element of sparkle that polished diamonds have, you might want to consider a halo setting of brilliant diamonds for your ring. A halo setting or a pavé band will add a bit of that eye-catching glimmer that comes with other diamonds. You may also want to consider a cluster setting to combine your unique diamond with gemstones like sapphires or other colored stones.  


  • Do raw and rough-cut diamonds cost less than a traditional diamond? While a lot of work goes into setting a raw or rough-cut diamond, they tend to cost much less than their polished and cut counterparts. Generally, you can find natural diamonds starting at about $500, but traditionally cut diamonds will start at around $1000. So if you’re on a budget but also seeking a diamond ring, raw and rough-cut diamonds might be the answer.
  • Are raw and rough-cut diamonds durable? Raw and rough-cut diamonds are just as durable as polished and clean-cut diamonds. Diamonds are the most durable gemstone you can buy, so your ring is sure to stand the test of time.
  • Where can I purchase this type of diamond? Etsy or smaller retailers are a great place to start your search; just make sure you are purchasing from a trusted seller. Authentic raw diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free, so ask your jeweler if your diamond is certified conflict-free with Kimberley Process certification
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