Marc Jacobs Marries Charley "Char" Defrancesco in a Glamorous NYC Wedding

Complete with a wedding cake taller than they are

James Devaney

Marc Jacobs is a married man!

The fashion designer wed his longtime boyfriend Charly “Char” Defrancesco on Saturday in New York City, People reports.

"Char, my love, in my darkest and loneliest moment you came into my life like some giant happy baby and made me laugh and smile," Jacobs said in his vows, per a YouTube clip he shared of the ceremony. "In that moment I didn’t feel alone or lonely I felt safe and loved. It is a privilege to be with you and have you in my life and I promise that I will never take you for granted. I promise I will better learn how to listen to you to hear you and to understand you. What you have given me, what I have never had before, is the dream of a happy forever and I promise you that I will never ever float away."

His sentiments were echoed by Defrancesco. "Marc, never in my life would I have ever imagined a happy ending for myself and then you came along I was so amazed and am so humbled that such a remarkable and brilliant man would want to love and be with just a regular guy like me," he said. "I vow to try my best to make you smile everyday I vow to try and give you everything you give to me and to make you the happiest man that you deserve to be. I love you with all my heart, body, and mind and I vow to you today that I will never float away."

After their ceremony, they celebrated in high style surrounded by family and friends at the Grill Room in Manhattan.

Arman Naféei, one of multiple DJs at the event, tells Brides there were almost 700 guests at the wedding.

And based on pics of guests arriving, the attendees included many celebrities and members of the fashion community. Some of the A-listers that made an appearance were Christy Turlington and Edward Burns, Christina Ricci, Rachel Zoe, Bella and Gigi Hadid, Luka Sabbat and Chloe Sevigny, Kate Moss, Rita Ora, Lil' Kim, Naomi Campbell, and Emily Ratajkowski, among others.

James Devaney
James Devaney
James Devaney
James Devaney
James Devaney
James Devaney

The guests brought their best game as did the grooms. Jacobs and Defrancesco both wore bespoke Huntsman suits, and they accessorized their wedding day looks with black onyx penguin pins, which were thoughtful gifts from Prada and Miu Miu design director Fabio Zambernardi. “Penguins have only one partner and mate for life,” Jacobs explained on Instagram. “A great example of faithfulness and fidelity. So grateful to you and love you so much dear Fabio.”

The couple sealed the night by cutting into a five-tier wedding cake that was taller than they are, and sent guests home with not one but two favors. They walked away with Marc Jacobs sweatshirts adorned with hand-holding otters emblazoned with the words, “don’t float away,” and customized vape pens etched with "Marc & Char," according to Instagram posts.

Jacobs, who got down on one knee, popped the question to Defrancesco last year in a Chipotle following a flash mob. After performing a choreographed dance to Prince’s “Kiss,” one of the dancers shouted, “Okey dokey, let’s go get Chipotle.”

In addition to making delicious burritos, the chain restaurant also has a special place in the couple’s hearts. “I took [Jacobs] to Chipotle for the very first time, and every year for my birthday, we go to Chipotle,” Defrancesco revealed after the proposal, per People. “Moving to New York, being from L.A., I’ve always loved Mexican food, it’s my favorite and it’s kind of like a little piece of home even though it’s not authentic Mexican food... It’s consistent and tastes like Chipotle, no matter what Chipotle you go to.”

And though the Grill Room was certainly a glamorous choice, Defrancesco would have been happy with a reception in the same eatery where they had their engagement. “I know Marc really, really wants it at the Rainbow Room or the Boom Boom Room, but I’d be happy getting married at Chipotle," Defrancesco said.

TBD if they served guac at the Grill Room, but our bets are on yes.

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